Our Story

With self-taught dyeing skills and two burners, Geraldine Yang launched the The Wandering Flock in 2019. Since then, her one-person operation has grown into a fiber-loving team based in Brooklyn, proudly serving an international community.

The Wandering Flock has also turned into a contemporary fiber and knitwear design studio, as Geraldine envisioned it. In 2023, we launched The Wandering Flock Pattern Collection in collaboration with independent designers.

Our Colors

Having left a career in fast fashion, Geraldine wanted to create a fashion conscious and cohesive fiber collection for contemporary crafters. Above all, she wanted her yarn to be used in making wardrobes sustainable, playful but timeless, and wearable. As a result, our colorways are designed as a cohesive palette and with the final knit garment in mind.

We want you to connect with our yarn and imagine what you would make with it. That's why each skein is wound to show off what it looks like knitted and crocheted. Each dye recipe is carefully tested and our hand-painted skeins have a reliably consistent appearance across dye lots. (We hate jogging skeins, so with our yarn, you don't have to!)

Our Yarn

We are proud to source our fiber from an industry-leader in sustainable farming practices, traceable fiber, and fair wage labor. We carefully design each of our bases in collaboration with our mill in Peru, and have them custom-milled. Each of our bases is carefully considered for its ability to express the dyes we develop, show off the qualities of its fiber content, be longlasting, and have a gentle hand-feel.

Meet The Wandering Flock!


Ever since I was little, I wanted to have my own business! After deciding to start my own yarn line, I submitted a sweater design to Pom Pom Magazine without having ever completed a sweater, to my amazement they accepted my first ever pattern proposal, and that helped launched The Wandering Flock. So in Fall 2019 I began The Wandering Flock with an amazing studio helper, my chihuahua Bambi (sadly no longer with us), with two burners and some pots. Having worked in fashion for a decade prior, the practices I had acquired during my career still influence how everything is done at The Wandering Flock. And I am so excited to keep growing and making materials and tools for slow-fashion and fashion conscious makers.
Beyond the studio, you can always find me on the hunt for something yummy or cooking. More than anything my passion of traveling is partly why I love the word Wander.
Favorite yarn: <3 Beach Party forever


I'm a self-taught knitter, working on being a self-taught crocheter and spinner. I'm a slow knitter, I like to take my time, and appreciate the fiber and the needles (metal only pls). Professionally my background includes a myriad of careers including Arts Management, Event Production, and Culinary Arts. Working with Geraldine for the past 3+ years has drawn some of my favorite elements from these fields. I love how the production process  blends creativity with planning, and it’s a challenge to see how many plates we can keep spinning at once.
Personally, I’m originally from New Jersey, but have happily called Brooklyn home for two decades. Outside the studio, I love cooking, time with friends, reading, and city nature–ferry rides, walks through parks and along the waterfront. Bonus points if its a warm day and I can sit outside with a cortado and my knitting ❤️
Favorite yarn: anything Baby Paca


Since my induction to the Flock in 2021, I have used my background in microbiology to grow my passion for fiber and fiber arts into a career. I am willing to do anything to justify the student debt aside from getting a job in microbiology. I’m proud to work for an Asian and woman owned small business and work to foster an inclusive and welcoming environment in the fiber community.
Most days, you'll find me in the dye studio working on my guns. When I’m not at work, you can unearth me from a pile of yarn where I will most likely be knitting or crocheting, but certainly not weaving in ends.
Favorite Yarn: Neon Kelly is my middle name, Green Lady pls call me


Hi, you might know me as Hello! If you’ve emailed us, I’ve probably been in touch (: I joined The Wandering Flock in 2023. I wear a lot of hats in the studio. I love making hats. One of my responsibilities is to write the words you read from us! Another of my responsibilities is to drink our deep backlog of subscription coffee. In a parallel life, I am an art historian and editor. I also design hand knit patterns as ozuko, named for my two beautiful dumdum cats.
Favorite Yarn: Yollo Mohair for the bonkers joy of it, and how it pairs with Citrine